Exams and Tribulations Hiring Website Developers

Within 48 hours I had received three different pieces of communication from people speaking negatively about their website developers. Which is beyond frustrating since this is my profession and we’ve been working with WordPress development for over seven years.

Does a website design and development project really need to be filled with trials, tribulations, and ongoing angst? Can the process ever go smoothly and within the expectations set prior to money changing hands?

Yes it can, but these successes are never the stories we hear about.

My communication this week made me think of the phrase “trials and tribulations” and it took my back to Sunday school and listening to Bible verses from Corinthians or Romans. So much disappointment and struggles fills these project. Money is wasted, time lost, and sales disappear into thin air.

Think I’m being overly dramatic? Let me share some real-world comments received within the last two days.